Volunteer with the Sisters

We invite you to volunteer with the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota as they serve our communities since 1891.

Volunteers, sharing their time and talents, play an integral role in furthering our mission and extending the Franciscan message. We welcome over 300 people in a wide variety of volunteer positions in Little Falls, Minnesota.

Ongoing Volunteer Opportunities

Gift Shop
Come be a part of Franciscan creativity. Our Sisters have many unique and beautiful items they have crafted to sell. We need volunteers to assist selling, displaying and serving customers. The shifts are approximately 2 ½ hours long and are in the afternoons. If interested, call Kathy at 632-0691.

Clare Residence
Clare Residence is the care center where our elder sisters live. Volunteers are needed to brighten the days of our retired sisters. The sisters’ lives have been filled with service and their stories are inspiring. Come and visit with these valiant women and see if you could have walked in their shoes.

Clothes Review
The Clothes Review would love new volunteers. Volunteers greet and help customers. Clothes need to be sorted, hung up and displayed in order to be sold. Mending, ironing, light cleaning and rag making also occurs. Call today to become a part of this very needed service.

Clare’s Well
Each Spring we have a work day to get the house, yard, garden, and hermitages in shape for the summer season. Throughout the year, there are also oppurtunities for volunteers to help in the house, preparing meals, baking, cleaning, or in the yard and garden. Just call 320-274-3512.


You can help us with:

Clerical work
Clothes Review
Franciscan Life Center
Health and Recreation
Sister-Friend program

Please consider, then
call 320-632-0691 or email

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by Kathy Whittington, Volunteer Coordinator


Gerry Sinderman was the first lay employee at St. Francis Convent, hired August 21, 1967, in the Dietary Department.


After moving to Alverna Apartments, she decided she wanted to come back and work in the kitchen again. We laughed as we said that the sisters take recycling very seriously; they recycle employees and Christmas cookies!


Yes, the frozen, unbaked cookies are not being wasted! They are being frosted and decorated by Gerry and Laura Diakite for the sisters to enjoy, even if they look like Christmas cookies in June.



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The Franciscan Sisters are blessed with over 300 volunteers, and the number of hours they work is staggering. In 2011, 315 volunteers contributed a total of 13,135 hours; in 2012, 304 volunteers contributed 13,300 hours!

They have been keeping Clothes Review open, helping in the Franciscan Gift Shop, Maintenance, Nutrition Services, the gardens, Community Relations, at fundraisers, blood drives, St. Francis Music Center, Clare Residence, St. Clare Library, St. Francis Health & Rec and for numerous fundraisers and special events.


It’s difficult to imagine how many staff the sisters would have to hire to run these programs and make these events happen. Remember, volunteers don’t get paid … because they are PRICELESS!


The Volunteer Office is blessed not only because of the prayers of Sister Rosaria Hagel, but also because the nature of this ministry. It keeps on giving to all involved; the volunteers, the sisters and the community. Many people who need to fulfill community service hours find love and appreciation at a time in life when they need it most. For many volunteers, depression turns into optimism and sadness into joy while working at the St. Francis Convent.


As the coordinator, I am blessed not only by the wonderful souls who live here, but also by the wonderful volunteers and staff who work here. It is so much fun putting wants and needs together, making smiles and spreading love. 

Kathy Whittington


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Do you want to get some great bargains on clothing?

Volunteer in the “Clothes Review” Tuesday afternoons from 12:30pm-3:30pm


Are you looking to add a bit more exercise to your life and meet people?

Deliver posters to downtown businesses!


Would you like to be a “special events volunteer?“ (for fundraisers and other fun-raisers)


You will be blessed and thanked often & you will be invited to share a delicious home cooked meal too!

Call Kathy at 320-632-0691 and make a change that will make you happier and healthier too!


116 8th Avenue SE
Little Falls, MN 56345
(320) 632-2981 | info@fslf.org

The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, is a community of Catholic women religious who follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, walking in the footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. We believe that the living of a poor, simple and prayerful community life is a ministry of presence and witness. Our doors are open to the public to celebrate Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel and to benefit from the St. Francis Music Center and St. Francis Health & Recreation Center.  We welcome those who wish to join us as sisters, associates, volunteers, transfer sisters, friends and donors.

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