Sabbath House

A place apart in the middle of the city, here at Sabbath House you will find:

  • space for quiet time, renewal, prayer, reading, walking
  • the healing presence of plants and a garden
  • books and music
  • simple earth-friendly meals and snacks, herbal teas
  • friendly hostesses
  • space to let your spirit grow

We welcome individuals for a private, personal day of renewal. We offer space for small groups of 6 to 10 people to meet. We offer events throughout the year, including Practice of Sabbath gatherings, Advent Evening Prayer, and Soup & Sabbath.

Donations are accepted:
Day with 1 meal – $15 per person
Day with 2 meals – $20 per person

Sabbath House is accessible by City Bus Routes 21 and 11.

Feedback for Sabbath House

Day in, day out, we do what we do here at Sabbath House. People come here for various reasons; we provide hospitality. We share life with neighbors. So once in a while, it’s encouraging to receive feedback from those around us. As part of our community’s long-range planning, we invited a small group of people for a feedback session on August 24.

This is some of what we heard:

• Here is a place where one can focus. There is space for quiet and prayer. Green space is inviting.

• Meals are simple with good wholesome food.

• A long term group meeting weekly noted the experience of hospitality including welcoming a service dog, reliability, tea.

• This is an anchor in the central city, an oasis to all the local activities.

• We fill the need for a small ecumenical retreat/prayer and discussion opportunity in the heart of a major city.

• Franciscan Sisters and Associates can use the space to meet, to bring groups, to volunteer, to receive "bed and breakfast" and airport service. 

Summer Scenes at Sabbath House


Neighbors gathered for a picnic during the National Night Out.


End of children’s treasure hunt during National Night Out.


Sister Isabel Berrones enjoys some quiet reading time.


A "communal meal" at Sabbath House during National Night Out.

Be still and know that I am God

by Sister Joan Tuberty

Sabbath time is all about rest and stillness. I have just returned from several days on the North Shore of Lake Superior where I felt the wondrous healing power of nature. It was early October so there was the spectacular array of color as leaves came to the end of their season and prepared to drop to the ground to nourish another season of growth. I experienced the movements and rhythms of nature allowing wind and waves in their ebb and flow to wash over my whole being, helping to release every tension of mind and body. It all felt effortless on my part except for showing up in the present moment of sunrise and sunset followed later by the moon and the drama of stars and planets. All of this took place in silence apart from the movement of the waves. In this beautiful natural setting I lived the experience of "The Big Book" of God’s revelation and easily responded with awe and wonder and praise. This is the stillness that makes it easy to know God. I am so grateful for this experience of healing and prayer but where I live is in the City. Where is one to find the time and place for stillness and renewal here?

Sabbath House is a place in the city which offers hospitality of warmth and a place of rest. To go there can provide a "step out of time," away from the push and pull of daily work and life, restoring your own natural rhythm of breathing and heart beat. It fosters living in the present moment and experiencing the gentle and natural beauty that is also here in the city. "Resilience" is a new term and approach which brings together wisdom and science to foster harmony and balance in body, mind and soul. It acknowledges the gift of grace but also holds that there is much we can do to bring this about for ourselves and for our world. A Sabbath time of rest is one such practice which is both ancient and new. Sabbath House is here to welcome you when rest and stillness is what you need.


116 8th Avenue SE
Little Falls, MN 56345
(320) 632-2981 | info@fslf.org

The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, is a community of Catholic women religious who follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, walking in the footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. We believe that the living of a poor, simple and prayerful community life is a ministry of presence and witness. Our doors are open to the public to celebrate Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel and to benefit from the St. Francis Music Center and St. Francis Health & Recreation Center.  We welcome those who wish to join us as sisters, associates, volunteers, transfer sisters, friends and donors.

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