“The form of life of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular of Saint Francis is this: to observe the Holy Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. (The rule and Life of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis.)

Meet The Sisters

Meet Sister Bernice Rieland

Director of Franciscan Life Office
This is Sr. Bernice's autobiography written for her 50th Jubilee Summer 2010.
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Sister Adella Blonigen

Rosary Ministry
For her call to religious life in this Franciscan community, she is most grateful.
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Sister Ange Mayers

Assistant Vocations Minister
In January 2010, Sr. Ange will be concluding her ministry in Arizona and joining the Young Adult Outreach Staff at the Welcoming House in St. Cloud and also serve as assistant to the Vocation Minister for the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, MN.
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Sister Anne Furnstahl

Director of Alter Bread Dept.
"The past 60 years have gone by very fast. I am grateful for the many graces I have received to accept the challenges and difficulties as well as to rejoice in the happy and affirming experiences during these years."
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Sister Antonia Rausch

Immigrant and Refugee Ministry
Hands Across the World is a nonprofit organization, founded by Brianda Cediel and me five years ago. It is a literacy program teaching immigrants and refugees the English language and introducing them to the skills and cultural aspects of living in the United States.
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Sister Aurora Tovar and Maria Isabel Berrones Morales

Aurora Tovar became Sister Aurora Tovar on August 11, 2008, the Feast of Saint Clare of Assisi. Aurora was received into the novitiate of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, and became a member of the Third Order Regular of St. Francis.
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Sister Callista Robinson

As an African American, Sister Callista has answered a call to minister in the African American Catholic and non-Catholic communities, particularly in the field of education. She is truly grateful to her family, friends, Black Religious and Clergy of Wisconsin, co-workers and her Franciscan Community for the love and support that she has experienced over the past 50 years. She feels privileged that she has been called to serve the Lord and to live the vowed life as a Franciscan Sister of Little Falls, Minnesota.
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Sister Carmen Barsody

Vocations Minister
The Franciscan Sisters nurtured my heart and mind. They were common people who enjoyed being a part of the parish and school community. I'm grateful for the values that they instilled in us, most keenly to be of service.
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Sister Char Grossman

As I write this article, I am anticipating being with my religious Community of Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, from June 8-13.
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Sister Cordelia Korkowski

Pastoral Minister
I am always proud to be a Franciscan. I am grateful to God for blessing me with 50+ years as a Franciscan Sister. I am grateful to my family, my Franciscan community, my friends and all I have met on the journey.
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Sister Cordy Korkowski

Pastoral Ministery
As pastoral minister, Sister Cordy works to nurture the spiritual lives of parishioners and provide pastoral care. Much of her work is focused on hard passages of life, be it illness, death or loss.
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Sister Donna Marie Zetah

Parish Nurse
In my ministry with Mexican families in Long Prairie, I have listened to many stories of their journey to the U.S. and specifically to Long Prairie. I wanted to see the beginning to their journey. I went to the desert on June 4.
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Sister Eileen Ghesquiere

I believe that our community's presence and ministry in Mexico is indeed a response to our call to rebuild the Church, to embrace the poor and marginalized and to promote human dignity, in the spirit of St. Francis and Clare.
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Sister Elizabeth Martell

Our community prayer life and living the Franciscan Rule of Life have been a great treasure for me. I marvel at the wonderful life we religious women are a part of-God is good!
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Sister Elizabeth Ohmann and Audrey Jean Loher

Migrant / Border Ministry
Sisters Elizabeth Ohmann and Audrey Jean Loher received special recognition and appreciation for their years of service from the humanitarian organization Humane Borders.
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Sister Fabian Schneider

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Sister Gloria Haider

Sister Gloria Haider currently ministers as a Paraprofessional for English Language Learning with young people from other countries at Apollo High School in St. Cloud, Minnesota.
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Sister Grace Skwira

Sister Grace is currently living in community with Sisters Loretta, Aurora, and Isabel in Monterrey, Mexico.
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Sister Jan Kilian

I was born to George Kilian and Clara Valley Kilian on a farm in St. Augusta, Minnesota. With my brothers and sisters (Evan, Merle, Bob, Kathy and Danny,) I enjoyed a childhood immersed in our planet's gifts of fields, gardens, trees, open sky, a creek and lots of animals.
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Sister Joan Tuberty

Sr. Joan offers this overview of her life and ministry.
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Sister Joanne Klinnert

Sabbath House
My story can only be told by noting the people in my life and the places in which they influenced me. I begin, of course, with my parents, Martin and Lorraine (Mohs) Klinnert. Being their eldest, I made parents of this young couple who had together taken up farming and housekeeping--and now family-raising. My first memories are of the energetic, loving couple about whom Mom would recall, "We worked hard, had kids and enjoyed life."
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Sister Joyce Piotrowski

Foster Grandparent
Sister Joyce Piotrowski joined the ranks of other Foster Grandparents. A former teacher, she fits the job description: child-oriented, cheerful, good listener, encouraging and upbeat, sympathetic and understanding.
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Sister Juanita Mauer

Hospice Nurse
For the past 10 years I have been a hospice nurse, caring for the dying and their families in northern New Mexico.
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Sister Lillian Kroll

Artist Sister Lillian Kroll has been painting for over 40 years. Her first love is watercolor.
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Sister Loretta Denfeld

Spiritual Direction
The reflection of Sister Loretta's Christ-centered life journey is witnessed in the varying ministerial positions she has embraced: teacher, member of the Franciscan's religious life formation team, parish minister, missionary and member of the community's leadership team.
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Sister Lorraine Olmscheid

Sister Lorraine wrote this reflection for her Golden Jubilee Summer 2010.
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Sister Maristell Schanen

For many years she taught in both public and private schools, but felt a constant inner urge pulling her to religious life.
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Sister Mary Ann Capizzo

Spiritual Direction
I have experienced the love for one another as sister in my religious community. I appreciate the time for contemplation and am awed by the inter-connectedness of all creation.
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Sister Mary Baptista Schik

Elder Care
She never thought of becoming a sister until ... she observed the joy in the sisters who taught her, particularly during retreats and recreation.
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Sister Mary Blase Kulzer

Clothes Review Director
This autobiography was written in honor of Sr. Mary Blase's 60th Jubilee in the Summer of 2010.
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Sister Mary Dumonceaux

Hispanic Adult Education
Peacemakers in the kingdom: How do we look violence in the face and take action for peace?
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Sister Mary Wentland

Healing Ministry
Sister Mary volunteers with Senior LinkAge, which provides older adults with information and real help.
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Sister Mary Zirbes

Social Justice Advocate
In her semi-retirement years, Sister Mary Zirbes has been a strong advocate for social justice and preservation of the environment and all of creation.
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Sister Maureen Kelly

Spiritual Direction
She is deeply touched and profoundly grateful for the ways God has companioned, strengthened and led her ...
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Sister Maurita Bernet

'I sing because I'm happy, I sing because I'm free....'
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Sister Michelle L'Allier

FSLF Leadership
This autobiographical reflection orginally appeared in OUR JOURNEY, Summer 2010, a publication of the Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, MN.
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Sister Paula Pohlmann

Healing Ministry
I am humbled and grateful to have been called into this community where goodness has surrounded me.
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Sister Rose Margaret Schneider

It feels like a circle of life, beginning to live the Gospel by my ministry of teaching and now returning to teaching at Catholic Charities Family Literacy Program.
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Sister Siena Wald

Nursing Home Administrator
Sister Siena values Franciscan simplicity and has a great sense of humor. She believes life is good and makes every effort to live it to the fullest.
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Sister Vianney Weier

Sister Vianney has been keenly interested in the relationship between the Franciscan Sisters and associates for a long time. She thoroughly enjoys supporting others who are supporting the Franciscan Sisters and likes to get to know the associates on a personal basis when they come to the convent in Little Falls.
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Sisters Adela Gross and Carol Virnig

Hispanic Ministry
While they may not exactly resemble a soap opera (or telenovela, the Latino equivalent), many of our days seem to move so quickly from one situation to the next that we are on the same emotional roller-coaster as in the TV dramas. We both agree that Hispanic ministry is never dull.
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Sisters Ardis, Sharon, and Carolyn

Travel to the Chicago area of Illinois and you will be blessed to find three FSLF Sisters living and ministering there. While living an hour from each other, they form an extended community and frequently gather for sharing and recreation.
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Sisters Blanche, Sharon and Patrice In Alexandria

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The Franciscan Sisters of Little Falls, Minnesota, is a community of Catholic women religious who follow the Gospel of Jesus Christ, walking in the footsteps of Saints Francis and Clare of Assisi. We believe that the living of a poor, simple and prayerful community life is a ministry of presence and witness. Our doors are open to the public to celebrate Mass in Sacred Heart Chapel and to benefit from the St. Francis Music Center and St. Francis Health & Recreation Center.  We welcome those who wish to join us as sisters, associates, volunteers, transfer sisters, friends and donors.

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